Over 90000 patients registered and entrusted to our system!

What EHR+ offers

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EHR+ was designed by doctors who understand the workflow of a busy practice.


Using International standards,EHR+ uses the Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan (SOAP) standard for entry of patient data.


Several tasks, for example filling forms, importing data from external labs into charts is automated.


We have started the journey for one stop integration of medical records using HL7 standards

Cloud or Localized?

EHR+ is available in both windows based and web based cloud environments.


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Some Features of EHR+

  • Inutive interface
  • Secure
  • Online appointments
  • Electronic lab result
  • Easy Rx Refills
  • Chronic Medication reports
  • Graphing of Labs
  • Feature rich scheduling

Where we heading

Digisoft is continuously looking for more secure, automatied and faster processes to make the keeping of patient records easy.
Take a look at what the future holds for Digisoft


Partnering with P2P at the end of the 1st Quater of 2018 we will integrate video calls into EHR+

International Presence

We have begun the groundwork for transfering our successful Canadian technology into India and Kenya.

Block Chain

Heard of Bitcoin and other block chain technologies? Coming soon – products on the super secure block chain.

What Our Clients Say

Proven Stability – Built on Micosoft SQL Server


Patient Records


Online Users

Our Team



Raghbir Badhan

CTO/Systems Architect

Farah Khan

Finance Director

Venkat V

Software Engineer

Anthony Salitra

Business Development

Fernando Khun

Consulting Doctor

Brian Patel

Community Development/ Blockchain Technology Consultant

Contact Us

Email :

info @ Digisoftmedical.com support @ Digisoftmedical.com


+ 778 240 8786  


4- 2151 Mccallum Rd Abbotsford BC, V2S 3N9